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I remember in primary school when we first met.

We sat on the hill at the edge of the oval and watched the giant cloud that looked like the spaceship in the movie Independence Day, and talked about Beast Wars, Transformers and Sonic.

You used to toss your jumper in the air sometimes and let the wind catch it, then try to nab it before it hit the ground, to make me laugh.
I asked if you were cold, but you said it didn't bother you.

We weren't the fastest kids on school, but on sports day we made a good team.

Sometimes you'd come over early to my house and we'd watch Sonic Underground on Cheese TV before school.
After school we'd go to yours and play with our Beast Wars toys.

You gave me a Pokemon card once because you had doubles, it's a Sandslash.
I was the only person in our group who didn't have any cards, but you were so kind to me even though your parents didn't have much money.
I still keep Sandslash safely tucked away in my folder and smile whenever I see him there because it reminds me of you.

You bought me a book about horses for my birthday once.
I read it so many times I've lost count.

One day you said your parents were moving again, back to South Australia to live with the rest of your family. You stayed at a hotel in Hillary's with your brother and mum the night before you left because your house in Woodvale had been sold.
I couldn't even talk that day because it hurt so much.

We spoke on the phone once and I don't know if you could tell, but I cried because I missed you.
When you asked if I was ok, I told you I was laughing. So you kept cracking jokes to make me laugh more.

I used to ride my bike to your house so often that I know the way by heart.
Sometimes I still go there, but I know no one is home.

I haven't seen you since year 6.
It's been so long I've finished high school and moved out, but I've been having dreams about the good old days and I wonder where you are now.


Onyx Von Trollenberg
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A level-headed girl who is not afraid to tell the truth and has a distaste for anyone who lies and manipulates others.
Her favorite food is double cheeseburgers and she enjoys being competitive.
Her favourite colours are black, purple and hot pink.

Although she excells in poetry, she bombs at driving (she's known as the worst driver in the world) and often has low self-confidence.

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